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Priority Support

Get support directly from the developers who authored and continue to improve Ice

Priority Support is an annual support subscription with guaranteed response time, support for all versions of Ice, and no limit on the number of support requests you can submit.

Priority Support is offered to all Ice users, including open-source licensees. Please contact us for more information.


Leverage our Ice expertise

Need advice for a large-scale networked application? Want to make sure your design is sound? Love Ice but need additional functionality?

We offer consulting services to help you get the most from Ice. Please contact us for additional information.


Jump-start your Ice project

Want to get your team quickly up to speed with Ice development? There is a simple answer: the Ice training course.

The training course covers the Ice object model, Slice definition language, language mappings, object life cycle, threading, and server implementation techniques for a variety of application requirements. In addition, the course demonstrates how to use Glacier2 to allow communications through firewalls, and it describes the use of IceGrid for location transparency and automatic server activation.

Students are expected to have working knowledge of C++ or Java. Around 30% of the course consists of hands-on programming exercises that apply the course material in the context of a fully-working application. The programming exercises are non-trivial and cover realistic use cases for application development. After completion of the course, students will be proficient in programming with Ice and will be able to design and implement complex real-life applications.

When delivered on-site, the training course can be customized to address any Ice topic you may be interested in.

Please contact us for additional information.