Ice Services

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Route Ice Communications Across Networks


Firewall Traversal

A Glacier2 router allows you to securely route Ice communications across networks, such as the public Internet and a private network behind a firewall. With Glacier2, you only need to open one port in your firewall to make multiple back-end Ice servers reachable by remote Ice clients on the Internet. These clients and servers can be on their own local networks behind firewalls and NATs - you don't need to worry about translating addresses and ports as Glacier2 handles all this for you.

Connection Concentrator and Session Manager

A Glacier2 router can easily accept thousands of connected clients; Glacier2 then routes these clients' requests to your back-end servers, with a single connection between Glacier2 and each server. You can also configure Glacier2 to create a custom session object for each connected client, and Glacier2 will clean up this session when a client disappears or becomes unresponsive.

Callbacks over Bidirectional Connections

Servers can call back to clients even if a client-side firewall blocks incoming connections, using Ice's bidirectional connection feature. This allows push applications to work in the presence of a client-side firewall and eliminates the need for clients to poll servers for status updates.

Minimal Coding

Adding Glacier2 routing to an existing application requires only small source code changes for clients, and no code change at all for servers.